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Bittersweet Memories launches on January 6!

My book launches onto major book seller sites on January 6, 2020, Epiphany. I am honored by my readers' responses to my life story. Below are a few of the reviews of the one hundred books and Kindle editions that were sold through my publisher:

This is the story of a woman who, even in childhood, managed to cope very well with her extremely difficult circumstances. Her entire life has consisted of emerging victorious. Barbara didn't make lemonade from the lemons that life gave her, but rather a souffle.    ~~ Shelli Netherton, Missouri

Barbara Hussmann Long's "Bittersweet Memories" is a heartwarming story of success and happiness in the face of childhood adversity.  Barbara describes her troubled youth in fascinating detail and how she overcame the roadblocks to be a happy bride and mother.  Highly recommended read!                  ~~Donna Hockenberry, Pennsylvania

Something for everybody! Easy reading with history, family experiences, and life lessons you will relate to. You cry, smile, grow, love, and soar with Barbara as she tells her story straight from the heart. A page turner! ~~Judy Stancil, South Carolina

Barbara Long shows in her book that with resiliency adversity can be over come. Because of her gifts of intelligence, ambition, people skills, energy, and kindness she was able to build a bridge out of a dysfunctional family life with a mentally ill mother and an absent father to a happy life she never knew growing up. In a tragedy one can chose hope or despair. Barbara chose hope and her brother chose despair. Through hope she achieved her dream,- family and friends that love her. I highly recommend this book. ~~Cheryl Kaufman, Chicago, Illinois

This time of year, we often think of gifts for family. This past year, my mom gave my family and me an incredible GIFT- a gift of a written account of her stories, memories & life lessons. I am so proud to call her a published author, and an amazing mother. Words to describe my mom’s book: beautiful, touching, sad, funny, with history intertwined throughout the book. There were moments of great sadness in her past, yet being the positive person she has always been, she was able to see the good & the beauty in life. ~Amy Long Hamwey, Massachusetts

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If you've had a happy childhood, you are blessed... an unhappy childhood, you write a book. Bittersweet Memories: The Life Story of an Immigrant Daughter came from the later. I was born in Bad Hombur