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Want to read a true story this summer, link included below?

My memoir "Bittersweet Memories: The Life Story of an Immigrant Daughter" is selling well even prior to the book launch date. I am offering 15% discount to offset the shipping charge through Labor Day 2019 by using Bittersweet as the code during checkout. Delivery is usually within four or five days. "Meanwhile radio was coming of age in Europe, enabling the Nazis and giving Hitler a bigger audience. Publicity was placed in the hands of Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, and he made cheap radios available to the public. By 1938 Germans were thoroughly familiar with Hitler's spectacular public appearances. There were even signs of Fuhrer fatigue, from his barking, staccato speech, interspersed with cheers and Heil Hitlers. In America it must have seemed bizarre to radio listeners when their regular music programs were interrupted by an announcer stating they were going live to Berlin. Back in the homeland, the Nazis made it a treasonable offense to listen to oversees radio. Anyone caught doing so faced time in a concentration camp, and by the first year of the war many Germans were imprisoned for listening to London-based broadcasts. My parents kept a radio hidden in the attic, and when everyone was asleep, they’d listen quietly to overseas broadcasts. Everyday life changed as the war advanced and America entered the conflict in December 1941."

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My book launches onto major book seller sites on January 6, 2020, Epiphany. I am honored by my readers' responses to my life story. Below are a few of the reviews of the one hundred books and Kindle

If you've had a happy childhood, you are blessed... an unhappy childhood, you write a book. Bittersweet Memories: The Life Story of an Immigrant Daughter came from the later. I was born in Bad Hombur